Allison Fine - Counseling for Inner Balance
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Licensed Independent
Clinical Social Worker
# LW60300489

Insurance & Employee Assistance Programs

First Choice / First Choice EAP
Aetna / Aetna EAP
Lifesynch / Humana
Wellspring EAP
Mines and Associates EAP


MSW, Master of Social Work
BA, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Kansas


Private Practice Counselor
Seattle, WA

Hospice Social Worker
Evergreen Healthcare
Kirkland, WA

Gerontological Counselor
& Social Worker
Era Living
Seattle, WA

Counselor & Social Worker
Multiple Sclerosis Association
Seattle, WA

Crisis Counselor & Trainer
Headquarters Counseling Center
Lawrence, KS

Attendant Care Worker
Valeo Behavioral Health Care Center
Topeka, KS

Research Assistant
Office of Aging and Long Term Care
Lawrence, KS

About Allison

I was put on this Earth with one goal – to help others.  Nothing leaves me feeling happier or more fulfilled.  I set out early in life, finding small ways to help others and eventually was led to a career as a social worker and a counselor to facilitate this need.

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My Background

My first exposure to the world of counseling was at Headquarters Counseling Center, an organization that to this day, means the world to me.  The individuals and clients within this organization taught me the skills I needed to become the counselor that I am today.  It was here that I learned it was not only okay, but necessary to access the caring and compassionate part of me, essential for being a counselor.

During my experiences, I have also had the opportunity to put my natural ability of connecting with others into a life purpose that could lead me to better helping those around me.  I was lucky to find mentors who gave me the guidance and support I needed to continue developing my skills as a therapist. I continue to appreciate these individuals.

My Practice

The knowledge and skills I have gained from living in Seattle, Washington, have given me the necessary strength and network I have needed in my counseling practice.

Being a private practice counselor has always been a goal of mine, a platform on the stairs in my journey to make change in this – growing more complicated every day – world.  Continue to stay tuned to my website, articles, blog, and experiences for more insight on wellness, growth and balance.

If you would like to learn more about my approach, counseling sessions, or how I can help you, please contact me by phone at (206) 226-1097 or by e-mail at
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